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Joachim Löw on France,
1998: France win the World Cup 2002: France eliminated in group stages 2006: Italy win the World Cup. 2010: Italy eliminated in group stages. 2010: Spain win the World Cup. 2014: Spain eliminated in group stages 2014: Germany win the World Cup 2018: Germany eliminated in group Jetzt muss der Name zuerst weg. (Die Mannschaft) das ist peinlich. Ersetzen durch (Die Adler). Dann Personal raus. Spieler sollten selber den Rücktritt erklären. Schade um die guten Marktwerte einiger Söldner. Und ein Imageschaden hoch zehn. Einige hätten aufhören sollen wo es am schönsten war herr Löw. Lahm, Klose etc haben es doch vorgemacht. Jemand wie Ballack/Kruse/Kuranyi/Sanè reiben sich die Hände Joachim Löw on France, Italy & Spain going out in the groups previously: 🗣 "I have no idea why that was the case with other countries. We will not suffer that fate. We will make it to the next round." 🇩🇪 Germany OUT in the group stage. Ter Stegen and Leroy Sane would had saved you,but your players who was injured for months was better,byebye Germany
World Champion Germany has been eliminated
World Champion Germany has been eliminated... Well done Korea... Congratulations to qualifying sides Maxico & Sweden #Respect U know what first time germany come to russia i just dont trust What a player taken by low to world cup there no one a good player to attack, speed, accurate just why low not pick gotze & sane just ban Muller & ozil I want CAF to let North America and Europe to be playing their world cup, so Africans and Asia will be on their own,FIFA cheated we Nigeria and Morocco Too many people trolling Germany for their loss against Korea !! It's hard to understand which one is Brazil fan, which one is Argentina fan and which one is ... umm ... K-POP fan !! Oh well you win some you lose some. Thats why its a game. We win together, we draw together, we lose together. ZSMMN. Good luck to the other teams
Can you imagine that only 5 days ago
who can dispute my speech here Football is a game of vengeance not a game of throne No more king in football Korea had been waiting for their revenge since 2002 wc look at the way they turns thing around This year world any team can win it So no more big team Whosoever that win match is a big team Here in Brazil has a team that uses green and has never won a World Cup .. Germany paid dearly for using this color that does not match world .. Can you imagine that only 5 days ago they were busy slandering Messi for "Argentina getting eliminated in the groupstages" and called Kroos better than Xavi? How the tables have turned Everyone prepared for Argentina to exit in the group stage but Germany came out of the syllabus 😂😂 Congratulations Korea, good job 👐 Man of the match - South Korean goal keepe
Korea be like, "We want to take you with us.
Before anybody starts insulting and bad mouthing the team, I suggest you be still for a moment and analyse things. Yes, IT IS VERY sad that they didn't even get to the next round. BUT DON'T CALL yourself a true fan, if you are gonna bash on them now and point fingers. Even THE BEST lose matches.. Korea played hard, Mexico played hard, Sweden played hard, the only thing we can do, is still support our German team.. not point fingers.. hell I know, that they feel terrible. Unless you were on the pitch with them, save your insults for another day. Not today.. not right now.. UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT for Germany #StillMyChampions #LoveGermany Korea be like, "We want to take you with us. Let's go home together."😅😂Not to mention, they goaled 2 against Germany!👏OMG, I never thought that this would happen. This world cup is full of surprises!!After the game, I felt sad somehow for the Germans Korea defended well against the giant . German goal keeper Neuer biggest mistakes was leaving his goal open . Congrats to South Korea on a well deserved win .
Germany joins what is called the curse of the champions
Even Germany lost the match, they played THE BEST FOOTBALL of this World Championship! Argentina continues the Championship, but they play the WORST Football of all the other contenders, participants. Germany joins what is called the curse of the champions and now Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Prtugal, Colmbia, etc. have more chances to win the world of the FIFA Russia 2018 Germany deserved out of the FIFA 2018. They had bad performance at all. Move so slowly, no strategy, and very weak since the beginning of the tournament. Auf Wiedersehen Germany! The defending Champions tried, But they just couldn't bring out the best, since they wasted most of every chances they got. Any ways it's football, expect the unexpected and this world cup is unpredictable.
What I want is Brazil to be eliminated so the two teams
Nayara De Stefani 🇩🇪 '54 Germany wins World-Cup 🇩🇪 '58 Germany didn't exit in group-stages 🇩🇪 '74 Germany wins World-Cup 🇩🇪 '78 Germany didn't exit in group-stages 🇩🇪 '90 Germany wins World-Cup 🇩🇪 '94 Germany didn't exit in group-stages 🇩🇪 '14 Germany wins World-Cup in Brazil and destroys them 7:1 in the semi-finals in their own country. Highest loss Brazil ever had. i remember what kross say after Germany beat sweden 2 -1 "Germany will not easy to going home" but the fact is...... this FWC full of surprise What I want is Brazil to be eliminated so the two teams can meet again in Qatar 2022 to finish what wasn't in this year's World Cup But mark my words.....#ARG will lift the trophy of 2018 and they never come out of the tournament with the league stage they once again lift the trophy in 2022 😍 #DieHard #MessiFan from #SouthAsia
Germany has 4 World Cup title but for now
Germany has 4 World Cup title but for now it's time for other talents to shine. Germany, I am still a fan! I know you will do your comeback stronger! Bis zur nächsten Weltmeisterschaft! (P.S: don't mock...your team will fly home next before the finals!) Sorry for this it's observation not insinuating sir past tense can never follow modal auxiliary verb e. g would but present tense i.e you ought to use would have not ' would had ' @Aman Agarwal I think Jorgie he had personal feelings which never helped the team, why on Earth did he dare leave Sane out??? Ter stagen would be a better option but he brought his funny politics and ego . It should be noted that he did not fail to qualify but they were the last the group.shame on them!!!!! German coach Joachim Low paid the price of injustice to barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Manchester City Leroy Sane
Prediction: Who is the next in.
Prediction: Who is the next in.... 1998: France WIN World cup 2002: France OUT in group stage 2006: Italy WIN World Cup 2010: Italy OUT in group stage 2010: Spain WIN World Cup 2014: Spain OUT in group stage 2014: Germany WIN World Cup 2018: Germany OUT in group stage As Korean, l never thought Korea could beat Germany. So shame that Korean is out but very proud of all the players!! Its 2 in the morning here but can’t sleep!!!! Hauke, that was 4 years ago. I spent 3 world cups getting nothing less than a final, thats how I grew up. And its such a shame that Germany had such a lame campaign. Because if Brazil had the chance to play against them in this world cup, with that lame soccer Germany played, it would have been at least 9x1 to brazil
Why Europe has got 15 teams representing
Up to now I still don't understand Why Europe has got 15 teams representing their continent and yet we only have 5 teams representing Africa and then you say it was a fair play .. #FAZ IS SLEEPING. #CAF IS SLEEPING each part of Africa should produce 2 teams too. North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa #Let's share this Petition out please especially in All Soccer Groups !!! ozil played the 1st match against mexico. Germany lost the match ozil didnot played 2nd match against sweden Germany won the match ozil played the 3rd match against south korea Germany lost the match Korea, your last game was great against Germany, Germany played very well but could not beat a tough Korea. There will be time for revenge ..... greetings from Mexico. Marco Reus Hospital not in the World Cup 2014 Champion, EURO 2016 Semifinalist, Olympics 2016 Silver Medallist and Confederations Cup 2017 Champion, and in World Cup 2018 Exit Group Stage
Very slow, no strategy, no game plan above
🇩🇪 '54 Germany wins World-Cup 🇩🇪 '58 Germany didn't exit in group-stages 🇩🇪 '74 Germany wins World-Cup 🇩🇪 '78 Germany didn't exit in group-stages 🇩🇪 '90 Germany wins World-Cup 🇩🇪 '94 Germany didn't exit in group-stages 🇩🇪 '14 Germany wins World-Cup in Brazil and destroys them 7:1 in the semi-finals in their own country. Highest loss Brazil ever had. Very slow, no strategy, no game plan above all no luck...ozil,khedaria and Muller should retire.. win or loose always a Germany fan They (Germany) played well but this world cup full of suprises, Sweden and Mexico are more better team in the Group F, even South Korea, they showed how well they played, they fight for full 90minute and they get a win in the end... win that they deserve. It's just not Germany luck in this 2018 world cup, respect though, see u in next world cup
Its not about winning or defeat.
Christine Rausch me love Germany too. But I feel so disappointed with their performance. They had a lot opportunity to make goal-shooting, but always missed. Its not about winning or defeat. Its all about Respect and represents your country trough this beautiful worldclass game. Germany has did their best, they fight with their capability.. Its ok Germany . I believe next time you will come back with more power and more fighting spirit.This time South Korea deserve this win. We really miss you-. Lots of love and respect for this beautiful nation and its beautiful people .. Stay Blessed!! -- Love from India, Kolkata Better luck next time Germany you weren half as good as you were in 2014 because there was no Lahm,Schweinsteiger,Mertesacker,Podolski and Klose Korea played rough, knowing they had just one chance to return home with some dignity. On the other hand Germans underperformed, didn't utilize some good assists when they could. Defense was, as usual, rock bottom this season.
Germany team was good, but not good enough to proceed
A friend was joking about he could see only Nigerian jerseys playing against Argentina and I gave him a piece of my mind. And here you are doing the exact same thing. Racism indeed is truly deeply rooted in all of us. I have never seen such an average performance by Germans, nothing tactical, nothing surprsing, they were easily letting chances go. Werner did not managed a single shot on target, neither Muller. Ozil and Khaderia wasted time on pitch. Awkard passes and long crosses. It was a shame to watch! Germany team was good, but not good enough to proceed this world cup 2018. I think that they couldn't overcome losing the services of some big names like "Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Klose, Podolski,," who used to help them a lot in building attacks, making plays, scoring in addition to losing their usual defense toughness in the few last years. *Yes all that wasn't as clear in the European qualifying rounds or friendly matches but appeared this world cup. **They were not lucky too. ***Sorry for the big fans of Germany but this football. ***They have good young players "for future competitions" who just need more experience & time to play together.
As a German, I cannot express my disappointment
I’m a huge Germany fan, but they did not play well...they played extremely sloppy today because their heads were thinking all we need is a goal to advance and it got to them. Sad, they could’ve made it really far too. As a German, I cannot express my disappointment with my team's performance in all three games. What we've seen from them was absolutely unacceptable! I hope the DFB is going to make some smart decisions so this is not going to happen again. Kudos to the Koreans. Well deserved win! 1954 ☑️ 1958 ☑️ 1962 ☑️ 1966 ☑️ 1970 ☑️ 1974 ☑️ 1978 ☑️ 1982 ☑️ 1986 ☑️ 1990 ☑️ 1994 ☑️ 1998 ☑️ 2002 ☑️ 2006 ☑️ 2010 ☑️ 2014 ☑️ 2018 ❌ #GER knocked out of the #WorldCup for the first time ever at the group stage! 😲 Don't underestimate the power of Asian countries. Korea played excellent football in group stage but unfortunately Korea also eliminated along with Germany. Luck didn't favour Korea so Korea couldn't advance to round of 16. I wish to see Asian countries to lift world cup trophy. Now, it's time for Japan. GoGo Japan. Best of luck, Japan. I’ve been a fan of Germany for 16 years now, they’re the reason I love football so much, but they did not play really good. The performance was really lacking. We didn’t deserve to go through. As an Iranian... Congratulation to South Korea. Good game. Asian Teams were not so bad in this Tournament. Hope we will be better at the next world cup. The defenders are more excellents , defending and attacking , more reliable and fierce one , holding at the back and helping at the front , The forwarders ?? Still figure it out ... !? Oh! they are seems out of forms.

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