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They were a little to laid back for this game
Australia teach France, Iceland teach Argentina, Mexico teach Germany and Switzerland teach Brazil that We are not her e to give up so easily. This is world cup don't take us so lightly we are here to give you a tough challenge. So keep your prediction in your pocket and respect every opponent. John Rocha - yea all players who aren’t even of german origin pathetic, Germany athletics are all refugees, immigrants nationalized to play...Any real Germans?? 😂 aguante Mexico Carajo!!! Germany better have a Red Bull or something. They were a little to laid back for this game which is why they lost. Good on Mexico for ceasing the moment. Yes Germany lost this game. But then you look how wasteful Germans were 25 goal attempts. Now we have Sweden but One question i want to ask Joachim Loew is why did he leave Leroy Sane out of the World Cup??? Interesting start to this Fifa world cup where hot favourites Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Argentine all failed to win their opening matches. Expecting more cool games in coming days.
Upsets Love how each day has a theme so far.
Mexico has very good support-fans.In Moscow, a lot of fans from Mexico, friendly, cheerful and sociable.Many Russians supported the Mexican team. Germany is my team but I said from the start they won’t win the WC it’s hard to repeat and Mexico the last two cup games they looked bad but those poor outings they looked like they learned a lot and might just be one of the sleeper teams of this WC it will be interesting who raises the cup at the end touch your favourite team- Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷 Vai Brasil 🇧🇷 Forca Portugal 🇵🇹 auf geht's deutschland 🇩🇪 Allez les bleus 🇫🇷 Come on Belgium 🇧🇪 Gooaal ⚽️⚽️ Vamos espana 🇪🇸 Come on england Day 1: Human Rights Violators Day 2: Late game goals Day 3: Missed Penalties Kicks Day 4: Upsets Love how each day has a theme so far.
If Mexico could finish perfectly,Germany would have to accept
Congratulations To Mexico and their Fans. They played a Great match. Go and make it further than Brazil,Argentina and Uruguay Please. 😁 if Mexico makes it further than Germany I'm only eating Mexican food for a month and it won't be Taco bell!! Lol Good luck Me Amigos. Some absolutely fooolish people disagreed with me,now have you watched the match ? If Mexico could finish perfectly,Germany would have to accept a massive defeat because Mexico created some real chances Mexico .... looking forward that our team get’s out the champions that they have in them, but let’s face it, Germany is a tough machinery to play with, so ..... Waiting for a miracle 🙏 and all the Mexican Super Power Advengers 🇲🇽 Germany faced Mexico last time and beat Mexico 4-1 with their B team when Mexico came with their A game now in the World Cup Germany is going to go with full force so it's not even going to be a game it's going to be a Slaughter and that's coming from a Mexican
Yeah México was better in parts of the game
Portugal could had actually won but we played against one of the best sides in the world of football, not many teams can beat Spain or score 3 goals against them like Portugal did . The only surprising result is Argentina drawing against small nation of Iceland. It was taken from less than 12 yards which-while may not literally be point blank Range isn't a long shot either. Also it wasn't saveable cause it was a powerful shot well placed in the bottom corner Oh come on it wasnt a rocket either, accept it, nuer failed to speared himself enough to save it on the near side. It went beneath him, lazy effort. And where did spain come from..? This is the debate btw nuer and ter stegan. Nuer shouldn’t start tbh Yeah México was better in parts of the game we have amazing players, but the DT didn't put them in the game At the second half we were in problems But we resolved the last minutes
Germany squad in full* *Goalkeepers*
Mexico ruled most of the game, it was an Amazing start to this world cup... Can't wait to see Mexico play again next Saturday 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 Mexico Tu Puedes!!! Winning against the world Champ is priceless We always hope, tomorrow is another day. But coach low need to change himself . Brandt, reus, Leon Goretzka and younger players are better than olders. Right now, i miss lahm, klose and bastian. *Germany squad in full* *Goalkeepers*: Manuel Nuear,Marc-Andre Ter Stegan,Kevin Trapp *Defenders:* Jonas Hector,Mats Hummels,Jerome Boateng,Joshua Kimmich,Matthias Ginter,Antonio Rudiger,Emre Can,Niklas Sule *Midfielders*:Sami khedira,Toni Kroos,Julian Draxler,Mesut Ozil,Sebastian Rudy,Leon Goretzka,Leroy Sane,Andre Schurle *Forwards:* Thomas Muller,Mario Gomez,Timo Werner,Sandro Wagner. I hope so .... Lowe need to work it out. Specially our playing formation. We need more speed in attack. More aggressiveness and solid defenders. We need neuer out and Ter Stegen in. Neuer is not in his form. Today's Germans reminds me of the team in 1994. Too much of ball possession amongst themselves, no match for speed of the Mexicans and no variation in strategy for scoring. Somehow the Germans lost the match in the first 20 minutes itself. win or loss does not matter what is matters is the way you play the game... I seen friendly match vs Austria I thought that , Germany dont want to play. someone is force them to go and play the game.
Now mexican fans will go mad and put in place
It's the attitude. On the German side there was zero passion, didn't put up a fight, losses of ball were horrible, defense didn't even exist, some players are way too slow. Mexico seems pretty confident . If we end up being second in the group we will surely face Brazil in round of 16 Germany vs Brazil ,Brazil will be very nervous as the memories of four years ago will haunt their every step during the match so i welcome Ger/Bra We have 2nd c We have 2nd Chains we lucky today's match is not knockout game Never give up 1 He refuses to change his conservative style of play and to replace pet players like Ozil, Muller and Khedira. They’re useless for national team lately. A proper finishing is as important as creating good opportunities. Chances were there. But lack of good finishing torpedoed the German boat. Never mind. Play well #DieMannschaft. Diego Bold prediction, I'd wait as everyone said Germany was going to batter Mexico. Now mexican fans will go mad and put in place unrealistic expectations, which can only hurt them. Truth is, as good as Mexico might have been, most of the loss is thanks to Germany's horrible performance I am not saying that Neuer is the problem. But he is not in his best from now. That's for sure. If he was in form he would have saved that goal too. Never seen Neuer missed that kind of shot in last World Cup. Our main problem is with our defense. And our strikers couldn't find a way to score unlike they they did in the past.
I believe we will prevail!
We need to come out with the same tempo and determination the team showed in the last WC against Brazil. That concentration and desire must be there, every team DFB encounters will play intensely against the reigning champions and we can’t afford to have anything less It's okay guys. Even though we lost... we need to support them. They might not have the best players from 4 years ago but this game will wake everyone up. Not everyone is perfect. This WC is unpredictable. Germany will improve by the time they play Sweden. I think formation should be 4-4-2 with Neuer in goal, Hector-Hummels-Boateng-Rudiger in defence, Kimmich-Kroos-Khedira-Rues in midfield where Khedira doesn't need to go forward and focus on performing defensive duties and Kroos controlling the tempo of the match! Rues and Kimmich providing the width and pace allowing Rudiger and Hector to focus on defensive duties! Müller and Werner two strikers where Müller roaming in free space looking to fill the gaps and Werner should be deadly in the box to provide the finishing touch! Thats my opinion rest Löw knows better! Trust in Löw! Go Germany
Oh gosh, I certainly hope so.
Nonsense. Kimmich was one of the best on the pitch! Basti can be replaced by Gündogan. Kroos played good as well. Plattenhard and Draxler should be replaced by Hector and Reus/Sané. Müller was garbage today! No passes for the striker upfront means no goal. Its too booggy line up.ithink hector wld av bin dea,Reus en Gomez fst.d game waz too boring at avery lo too all in it's Germany let's wait best never rest en looser never rest too too Germany goooo.dieMManschaft Levi Nohar you do know that Germany is the most consistent team at world cups right? They managed to reach the semis in the last 4 world cups i dont think any other team can boast of a feat like that. In 1982 Was the last time Germany lost their opening Game and they still reached the final. No other team is more consistent than Germany. Oh gosh, I certainly hope so. I've never seen Germany lose an opening world cup match. I expected a tough match, but didn't anticipate our boys losing. So disappointed, but I'm still behind my team 100%. Hope they re-group, re-structure and come out ready to win their next two matches Tejas Adivarekar rushing is fine as long as you tear the defence apart, when lahm was playing he used overlap to create space for man in the middle, but kimmich just cut in and pass to another midfield, the defender practically needless to move
Change the midfield, bring Rues
I trust Leow. He is clever. I am sure he has seen the weakness of the team and will make appropriate changes to tactics. Hope Draxler and Kimmich get to kick the ball accurately,Muller gets his form back and Ozil is used better. Change the midfield, bring Rues in Gomez is more lethal in air, Leon Goretzka in Khedira out, Ozil needs to be out too, it will adjust itself. Team has experience and composure they can handle the the next two games We may need to change a few spots but not many. Our biggest problem today was playing sluggishly and dragging our heels through the first half. Had we played ALL GAME like we did 2nd half that couldve been a win or at least a draw easy. We've gotta play like we want it cause it sure didn't seem like it today Why Low stuck to a 4-2-3-1 for so long is beyond me. It was clear Timo was too isolated by himself upfront, especially once Mexico went ahead and could sit back soaking up pressure. Reus and maybe Goretzka too should've been introduced by halftime. Idk if Neuer could've done much more for the goal, but he's definitely not to blame for the loss. What really upset me though, was how little energy or hunger was shown. And in every part of their game from tracking back to closing down to getting forward. Everyons just did things slowly or not at all.
Also he is a defender first and all the dangerous
I’m disappointed not because of losing a single match but lack of passion and determination! Something gotta change...some player should not be on the starting lineup....Lowë should be smart enough to know who. Nguyễn Bùi Hà Thanh Ya he tried but failed. I have never seen Neuer missed that kind of shot in last World Cup. Don't forget that we lost Austria in practice match. I have seen his (Neuer) performance their. And just look at the performance of Mexico's goalkeeper's performance today. Anyone who has seen Ozil in the last year and yet still thinks they can win the World Cup with him in the team is mad. Khadiera was awful too. Timo Werner may as well not been there. The whole team far too slow and taking far too many opportunistic shots from long range. Needs a massive improvement. Sarah Latton Kimmich just seems good because he had the ball a lot yet nothing comes out of it. Also he is a defender first and all the dangerous chances Mexico had especially in the 1rst half were on his side. Yes kroos played okay but he also took a lot of unnecessary distance shots instead of passing into space like he use to. Yes. We are no body to give you guys advice because you all are the best. But as a fan just we cheers for you from INDIA. We believe your management will look the gaps and fill up it. All the players will do a loud noisy comeback to make the face of German fan happy in the next fixture.
It's heart broken moment, but still support Germany
Germany will come back strong, as always. Look at World Cup history, they do not fail but will make at least the 1/4 finals. Just Jogi finally needs a plan that was missing completely against Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Austria. And Löw needs to have the guts to leave Khedira, Özil, and Müller on the bench, as they are in bad form and shape. Passion, we need to see passion!!! You are crazy,the whole camp of Germany play the same football, there's no one better than the other,That's why Germany is the best and will remain the best!! I miss lahm,klose and Bastian...Where is the German I know previously? they pulls ball behind defenders and shoot but this is absolutely missing lately...stop tiki taka and use German tactics What happened? Here I am all ready to watch the game and felt like I watched a training camp game. Kevin Michael Phelps well you maybe right Goretzka or Gundagon can play in place of Khedira! But i went for the experience but Özil was the biggest disappointment for me tonight! No effort at all! Khedira at least was trying! So choosing Khedira just for experience 2 0 2018-06-17 21:19:34 It's heart broken moment, but still support Germany , need change strategy, believe #Coach#Germanteam#hope#rise again.
Today's match is a matter of frustration.
I'm a supporter of Germany... Today's match is a matter of frustration.... Too much unnecessarily passing football is the main reason for the lose against Mexico .... and their passes were too slow.. If they continue it for the next match Germany will lose to their next 2 matches and won't qualify for the round of 16. Look at Mexico....too fast counter attack, less ball possession.... and they scored.... that's the only thing we lack....we had forgot our own tactics.... fast counter, through pass that's we need.... we should start with reus, gomez brandt, goretzka... Guys, just you have to know, that being defeated once won't stop us, your army of fans step back from you, or get disappointed..NEVER... yes, we are a bit sad, but still you are the best, and you have the best coach ever❤ you will rock the World Cup 2018.. our prayers Since Özil, Gundogan take a picture with turkey president, negative comments about them , I think they have negative mentality to motivate to play for Germany , whole team maybe have problems before tournament, Germany must bound back next 2 games to get through group stage, they need to change line up to get better , I think Mario Gomez should be starting instead timo wener, Marc Andre ter tegen instead Manuel Neuer, since Real Madrid defeating, Bayern Munich players are unhappythat affect to national team they have negative motivation to play sorry for the results. your hallmark teamwork and machine was not evident today. Mexico easily put you on the defensive and dominated the match. they are a very good team but i did not think they would beat you. not in your best physical shape either. you need to organize and come back.
Hey, wir brauchen ein paar Änderungen.
Germany in the next few days have to practice and Löw has to instill in them confidence. Right now it’s all mental. They are some of the best players in the world. They have to get it together. I missed Lahm,Klose and Basti😑 But We need to go strong we need to Speed in attach.we need to see passion We need to finish Strongly. I Hope Germany will played well in next 2 games & finish top of group Hey, wir brauchen ein paar Änderungen. Benutze muller als Stürmer bcoz wir fühlen, dass Muller sich im rechten Flügel nicht wohl fühlt. Und der Werner wird von Tag zu Tag am schlechtesten. Es gibt kein solches Feuer in ihm wie enge oder wie unsere anderen Stürmer. Spielen Sie Özil am rechten Flügel, um mit Kimich zu helfen. Und lassen Sie Reus im linken Flügel. Andere Option gomes als stricker Position. Muller bei -9 Kroos heute war eine falsche Position, geben Sie ihm defensive Mittelfeldspieler Position. Geben Sie Vertrauen zu Boateng machte er heute einige große Tropfen. Auch Kimich braucht lange Zeit, um seine Position nach dem Angriff zurückzugeben. Wir sind gut gemacht. Aber das letzte Problem war, dass wir weinten. U weiß Muller ist Boxspieler. Er ist Hackbeil in der Box. Bitte nehmen Sie meine Worte für unsere Zukunft. PLZ Germany coach has declared that he is not going to change the game plan any little bit, even after two years of disappointing results in big games or against bigger opponents. He has vowed that Germany will get hit on more number of counters against Sweden and lose by more than just one goal margin. Those are the real "fans" - one game lost and the team is written off...criticising Löw's choices and decisions, moaning about Neuer not being in shape etc etc that's even more annoying than the loss! Heavens, this is the first match!!
That is the only thing that is going to pull Germany out
Levi Nohar I think they have a little chance to get through group stage, a plane is waiting for them to take the German home, this is a defeat lesson for them to learn for world champions, I think there are so many things affect to the team leading badly losing I believe in this team. I think today was only a false step. The Mannschaft will return great from next match. I’m Italian but my origins are German and my heart too. Always and in any case Erzwinge Deutschland!! Sit back and counter attack. That is the only thing that is going to pull Germany out. This today's style of play is not going to let them through this round, mark my words, this same style of play will knock them out of world cup by the end of next game. Can't anybody see this system is more risky than rewarding. Try and work your ideas in lisure time, this is world cup, do use only what had worked not what might work. Go back to 2014. This is not time for experiment , grab your book from four years back and play accordingly. That worked, this new system definitely has not worked. How many more losses before you finally give up on the style or the idea that is not working even after so long. I would change it and I would do it without hesitation even in the middle of a worldcup than seeing another series of counter attacks coming your way and ending with you losing a game.
I shedded tears when Bayern lost to Real Madrid
First please change the team mentality which is unlike my old Germany's mentality!! What they played in last 15 mins should have been played much earlier!! Müller looked like he is coming in a garden, Boatang is slower than tortoise!! Kroos thought he can easily goal from distance in each shot!! Õzil forgot his old performance and responsibilities!! Awful defense!! Pathetic attack!! Worst Midfield!! Low should think of these!! Sarmistha Das well well a winner is also a looser who tried one more time! come on cheer up we all knew there were errors in defense , there were errors in passes the speed of passes lack of proper usage of grounds space they were playing too complex but cheer up this is too young german team and we should support them in their bad times if we could enjoy the good times with them! did you forgot italy? did you forgot spain 5-1 against netherlands its okay we shouldn't be having a lost at the end but now accept and heads up and move on! No matter what win or lose I will always love Bayern Munich and Germany! I shedded tears when Bayern lost to Real Madrid and I shedded a tear during this loss against Mexico but I guess its a good thing to lose early than later in the World Cup I believe that Germany will bounce back from this! The fake bandwagon fans are showing! #ZSMMN 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪❤️❤️ Nevertheless the team played well except for some minor errors upfront the team need to be fast and speedy when attacking we were a bit slow that's were Mexico capitalized on Dude Werner was whipping the backline . . . No service. Klose lived off great service. The midfielders gave the ball away too much. No vision and no urgency by the strength of the team.
Every time Poldi played for Germany he came out ready on 100%
Ger are more solid as a team than Bra or Arg now that they all played their debut matches. Mex succeeded with the clever speedy counters. I see no difference between the ger team now and 2014 in terms of solid team play. But credits go sometimes to the oponents who could find the tricks to take advantage of the mistakes. Trust me Steph Cousin!! I am following German football since italia 90, I have never seen this body language and casual approach in a single German player what I have noticed today!! Hell lot of wrong move and given up attitude shown today !! That's disappointing!! RazVan Pra , Podolski is the heart of the team. This is not Real, or Barcelona, not even Bayern. We are talking about **national team**. In a national team you need leaders ready to motivate the others and to die for their nation. And also to play well together. And in the club football you need overrated dribblers like Neymar, so that you sale more tickets. I’m really surprised you did not realize how important Poldi was to the German Bundesteam... Every time Poldi played for Germany he came out ready on 100% and his eyes were red from the emotion. Today’s German Bundesteam took 60-70 minutes to start showing something. Not even close enough. All coach mistake. Cmon! You can’t just start without Mario Gomez! Or without Marco Reus! That’s unacceptable. In 2014, the older guys like Schweini and Lahm were leaders on the pitch. Of the current roster, Müller, Özil and Khedira should be benched until they can do the same😔 No one is asleep in the world cup calling them the sleeping giant, not at all for the world cup you have be wide awake, but Mexico didnt just came awake they came with heart, passion and hunger to win
Muller and Khedira isn't fit for world cup anymore
The goal was Ozil's sleepy walking away defending attitude fault. He gave up on his man and just let him pass behind him and shoot! Mexico clearly had heart and wanted this badly. And they deserved it. W need to wake up on the pitch and defend our title or we are going home sooner than expected. Ozil doesn't deserve to start for this team for the rest of his playing career. Khedira is trash as he's always been, Muller did not go into the box at all today, and Kimmich was just hitting the ball and hoping for the best. Horrible game plan, we need these 6 points. Slogging through a first half like youve already won was the issue. Play all game like we did 2nd half when we were attacking their box for a solid 20 minutes and we might win or at least draw. That's gotta change. Well, at WC you have 3 games and in most cases 2 of thise three decide whether you are going through the next stage. This is not a whole season so to not judge the team. This is the current world champion so the fans have every right to criticise! Please bring Brandit, Reus and Gomez from the start. Muller and Khedira isn't fit for world cup anymore. Give Gundogan a chance. You don't blame the defense for counters. It is the midfield's responsibility to control the transition game. Germany can't defend with 2 players while pathetic players like Kroos, Ozil and Khedira watch the match. Kroos should be sent home immediately after that disgusting performance. Clearly he is used to winning trophies he doesn't deserve. Forward line is very bad..... slow Counter Attack.... It's not German style... plz not Disappointed any fan.... improve our Attack and Counter..we hope next match will be come back In Shaa Allah... Best of luck
The jersey has been defended with character
This is how they should start next game. As for now Low will get 80% of the blame. The other 20% is the lack of enthusiasm from the older players. Although some may say kimmich messed up but every time there is an attack he is involved, he was full of energy but didn't get the support. Good luck next game This team is too good not to there is so much depth in Die Manschaft one also has to realize that all the teams in this World Cup belong think of the powerhouses the likes of Italy, Holland and Chile that failed to even qualify so the bottom line is I'm not worried Meh.. modern fans. Can't handle criticism and expect the team to win trophies without working for them. The jersey has been defended with character, not with Facebook likes. This group showed none. If you don't criticize now, when will you? When they board the Lufthansa flight back to Berlin? Too late then. I’m not here to slate on anyone but I have said this several times before the world cup begins I really trust in löw but we need Sebastian Rudy in that Defensive midfield role which was occupied by schweinsteiger as we all see several times that Kroos & khedira not the best in tracking back they both are holding midfielders or box to box as many call it , since Julian Weigl didn’t make the squad löw has to put Rudy in that position or simply select a back 3 since our two CB’s Boateng, Hummels are not the quickest anymore otherwise we are ok to defend our tittle my opinion period.
They looked slow and got exposed when Mexico
Germany coach has declared that he is not going to change the game plan any little bit, even after two years of disappointing results in big games or against bigger opponents. He has vowed that Germany will get hit on more number of counters against Sweden and lose by more than just one goal margin. Rael Kopace I agree with you 100% that the midfield was bad, very bad, pass pass and ball possession that something done 8 years ago, Barcelona tiki taka, now the game is speed and speed and speed. Sending Sane home and keeping slow Ozil and Werner is questionable, Don’t get me wrong, you need passing and possession but without speedy players these day sorry it will be hard for Germany to survive, I support Germany for a while since WC 1982, for the first time I see a lack of communication in the team since Euro 2000 Die Mannschaft needs to disband the midfield of khedira, özil, and kroos. They looked slow and got exposed when Mexico counterattacked. Since the fullbacks like to go deep, that exposes the also not so athletic Hummels and Boateng who looked sloppy. They need more speed in the midefield. Hope they get it right. Too much watching Mexico run past you and away with the ball...gotta play like we know you can! 2nd half was better but too little too late in the game have to play like that at the start and have those chances early...get your heads in the game! Go DFB Go!
The team had too many errors and the opponents were motoring on
There is always that sense of confidence after winning a game, much more the previous world cup. The team had too many errors and the opponents were motoring on. This should be a wake up call otherwise, that same trend of champions bowing out in the group stage will again take effect this year. Come on Germany !!! We believe that Germany will bounce back surely !!! Today was not our day...Viel Glück Deutschland 🇩🇪️♥️ für die nächsten zwei Spiele.....Viel Liebe und gute Wünsche aus Bangladesch 🇧🇩️ ♥️ I think it's alright to question some of his decisions, but still believe and have hope. I think several players are past their prime and should be on the bench (Khedira, Özil, Müller). At least 2 of the 3 shouldn't start the next match. But never give up hope. And also, I laugh at people who question Neuer. He and Kroos were the best two. And Neuer was fighting the hardest. Seeing him there at the end, leaving the goal wise open in the hope to score an equalizer. They all should have been that hungry and that passionate and that desperate at the end. Too many errors. It seems that the team has not gelled enough to actually trust and predict where their team mates are gonna be. If there is one thing to point out that's missing, it seems to me, that the dynamics of how the previous squad was has not been built enough. I'm afraid this one would learn the hard wa
Mexico defeats the world champion. What a match. What a match
Santanu Chowdhury This is the day greatest day in the history of Mexican football. Mexico defeats the world champion. What a match. What a match. I am speechless. Down goes the Geemans. Congrats to the people of Mexico. They will remember this day. June 17, 2018. Go Mexico Go. Mrunal Agarkar-Desai Mexico 🇲🇽 Won...🤟🏻 Superbly and fantastically played match with Defensive and Accuracy play worked successfully for Mexico 🇲🇽... Loved to watch both half's play that couldn't predict who will win .. Germany 🇩🇪 unexpectedly lost first time in opening game since hopes was high and today's its not there day..but highly well played👍🏻 This World Cup 2018 is worth watch 🏆⚽️⚽️⚽️ (with tag line 'Expect the unexpected') Amanda Conley Washington Way to go Mexico! This is why I pay no credence to the possession stats. (Drives me crazy). It does not matter who has the most possession of the game, it comes down to your defensive line and your keeper. Mexico's defensive line is scrappy and fast, and their keeper is a world class. Is Germany a better team overall? Probably so, but they got out played today. Well done Mexico.

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