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Damian Kopischke Another missed penalty by Leo Messi but who cares because what a match for Iceland! 👏👏👏 Congratulations on your first ever goal at the World Cup by Finbogasson and first point against two-time world champions 🇮🇸 Also fantastic saves by Hannes Halldórsson 🇮🇸 Of course there also should have been another penalty for Argentina in the last 15 minutes but they obviously had bad luck today. Argentina has stars, Iceland has THE TEAM. Áfram Ísland! 🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸 Salam Robert Leaving the penalty aside...those freekick spots were too far, difficult to score... Messi didn't have a bad day...he played as midfielder, and therefore Argentine midfield was very strong today unlike previous matches(they need to be fast though)...only twice he came near penalty-area...
Is not like they will win the worldcup. Relax
Saul Green Hahaha Salam Robert let the ronaldolievers have their fun.. they will always try to push and prove that his player is best.. Messi people doesn't even need to argue.. Messi is pure football and everyone knows that.. Ian Pratt Denise Cotto wasnt there a certain portugese player who missed a pen against iceland in a 1-1 draw? I seem to forget who that couldve been Fabi Ceballos It was a game where iceland was just waiting for an argentinian mistake. Is not like they will win the worldcup. Relax. It was 5 against messi. And ronaldo scored and still didnt win. Fidelis Chimankpam Ugwu Damiansson you are a complete football fans. Ignoring unnecessary sentiments about who is Goat or not, fair play to Iceland. They even had missed chances in the first half
Ice building bunker,they screw the game
Karan Ramana Yes, bad result for Argentina, but it's not bad at all when you look at the bigger picture. if you look at Messi's face when he took that penalty, you can see the clutter he's carrying with him in his mind. It's good these things are happening now than in the knockout stages..also they need to get their team right..higuain coming on instead of Dybala was a joke...Banega should be starting, Argentina lifted the tempo as soon as he came in..I would say a reasonable opening game for Argentina where the frustrations were released. Gal Dahan For what!?,Ice building bunker,they screw the game just ruin the experience of watching football make the game looks boring they didn't dare to do nothing like in euro 16! Jan Maas Gal Dahan it wasn't boring at all. It's a wise decision to play like this against an opponent like Argentina. Iceland has their own oppurtunities to score. They were well organised and strong and they deserved the point for sure. I hope they get trough. Alex Lourenco Messi can’t even score a penalty against Iceland and Ronaldo gets a hat trick against Spain, who’s the GOAT?! #CR7 #Portugal Istvan Zuh Easier to score against Spain they attack, Iceland defended and defended well. People who debate who's better between ronaldo and messi have no football logic.
Iceland had a great defence team
Tuva Tumparak Lautaro Laurens Fragoso did u watch portugal game last night againts spain?there is the best chance when CR pass to guedes and guedes cant score it,that why CR not trust his more thing is CR trust his ability to score a goal than other player Ernest Sekano Istvan Zuh there is. I like Messi' s style of play more than CR7s but scoring penalties is part of football bro. For example King Messi could not score it not that he's not good but to show that it is not easy to score penalties. Vawik Thapa Iceland defended well. Though Argentina got a good players but Argentina proved that they will not be able to qualify for semifinal.. No need to dream about the world cup Argentinans.😂😂😂😂 Iceland rocks.. SALUTE FOR ICELAND. MESSI COULD NOT SCORE hahaha.. 👙👙 Katrina Ogutu Iceland had a great defence team but they focused more on defending than playing this second half. As for Messi i got no words he was too frustrated. Athenkosi Maso its no bad luck...its just that you guys exect so much from can all see that he doesnt play any different game he is just like any player. a draw is a good thing. Mahmood Zaman Athenkosi Maso what will you do when 3 to 4 players marking you, Football is not that much easy Athenkosi Maso yeah thats his life as a player.he knows hes a threat mos.iceland was suppose to win this match but they were to focused on defending cause argentina was no fire today
Every legend has his highs and lows
Roberto Gutierrez My respects to Iceland for giving us a great match against Argentina!! Halldorsson was on fire!! 🔥 Greetings from Mexico! 🇲🇽 Parssa Alimadad Every legend has his highs and lows, today messi wasn't his best, but he gave it a shot. Yesterday, Ronaldo was his best and got Portugal a hat trick. Argentina can still do it! Abk Molele MESSI MISSED A PENALTY NEVER TRY COMPARE MESSI WITH RONALDO THE EVIDENCE SPEAKS BY ITS SELF WHO IS THEE BEST Silvia Iannelli So far the Argentina vs Iceland match has been the most exciting to watch! Kudos to the Vikings for holding their own. They may not be sophisticated in the way they play, but they are strong, focused and they are not overly paid, delicate ballerinas who fall apart with every single touch 😉 Santanu Chowdhury Ronaldo 3 Messi 0 plus a missed penalty. Headlines for tomorrow's newspapers. What a disaapointing performance by Argentina and especially Messi. Very sad indeed.
Iceland stood firm and the GK was phenomenal
D.j. Mace I’m not a Messi or Ronaldo fan! Iceland stood firm and the GK was phenomenal 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏾!!! At the end it doesn’t matter if Ronaldo scored 3 goals or if Messi missed a penalty kick what matters is te result. Draw on both matches so who cares 😊 Courtney White Lol they're both amazing players, Ronaldo might not score any more goals and Messi might score a bunch. Either way they are the two best players in the sport .. poor games don't reflect their talent (this is more for the comment above mine 😅) Michelle Fortier Exactly! One game doesn’t prove who the best player in the world is. Lol D.j. Mace No it didn’t, once it’s international games there’s no such thing as small teams! Ball game changes. Can’t underestimate ANYONE but at the end Argentina and Portugal will be eliminated so then what 🤔 Courtney White /\ that's my favorite part about the world cup, you never know who could shine. Everyone thought France would destroy Australia today but they only won by 1 point. Last world cup Brazil and Germany were expected to have a close game and Germany won 7-1 Sagar Singh Last time Ronaldo missed a penalty was against Iceland in the opening game of the Euro2016 and the match ended at 1-1. Portugal went on to win the tournament. André Dias Sagar Singh No he didn't even take a penalty against Iceland. We drew against them but Ronaldo missed a penalty against Austria, our 2nd game in the EURO 2016. Before commenting, please get your facts straight.
Very Very struggling match to get goals from both teams
D.j. Mace Sanele Nene everyone misses even Ronaldo. All saying you can’t judge a player on a miss and one game it happens to everyone and I’m tired of hearing about Messi and Ronaldo. Yeah they are good but there’s more talent in the world 😊 Ogate ELdorado Tumeang's not the same, even though both matches end with draw, but it shows a great different, for portugal to get 1 point from spain is a good result, but for argentina to get 1 point from iceland is a bad result, so it's not the same result. Peter Rossini Messi had a real bad game, but still was Argentina best player. This team is terrible so disappointed 😔 but what can you except when they don’t even want to get ready for the tournament with friendlies. Dybala not even put in Higuian who has time and time again failed get put in instead. Pavon ran more then Di Maria in 10 minutes he played. Hopefully if one good thing comes out of this is Pavon in for Di Maria. We couldn’t even play the counter because the defense was such garbage. Mrunal Agarkar-Desai Very Very struggling match to get goals from both teams Argentina 🇦🇷 Iceland 🇮🇸... but both 1=1. Both teams failed to impress in first and second half’s is the very hard luck day for Messy ⚽️.. Better Luck next time🙏🏻... Iceland has given a very tough competition to Argentina, even it is a best team called as. Adam Talarico Really don’t understand why they didn’t play dybala at all, I understand him and Messi play similar styles but at his level he needs to be on the ground regardless considering how low every other players skill level is, they’re all petrified to take a shot, literally only Messi and augero took a shot that game 😭 Peter Rossini Shajid Hussain the penalty was saved actually. Ronaldo penalty did not have power either and if De Gee went the right way he could have saved it. It was a bad penalty because he looked right at were he was going to shot the whole time. Should have looked left shot right, but when it’s not your day that’s how things go.
Who really cares? Ronaldo had a tie yesterday
Peter Rossini Adam Talarico Nothing makes sense with AFA. Going back to preparation why make a friendly with Israel for World Cup prep and cancel? Why not play similar team to the ones you will play? Higuian they didn’t call him for any World Cup qualifier but call him the World Cup. Play Dybala two times say he’s to similar to messi but let players like Di Maria and Higuian who haven’t done anything in years still play. Ronnie Casas Just stop with the Ronaldo/Messi comparisons... Who really cares? Ronaldo had a tie yesterday and it seemed like he had won the world cup... Lol... I highly doubt any of them will win this world cup Courtney White A bad game doesn't = a bad team and no goals doesn't = a bad player. Whenever great players have bad games or don''t score people act like they are failures. You can't win all the time Ronnie Casas Ken Mikael Søiland both of these guys usually struggle in World Cup play. Ronaldo finally broke through yesterday, but can he continue that... We'll see.... Messi will be fine, they will advance into second round. Robert Singh Congratulations to Iceland for their first game. The smallest nation to qualify with the tallest players. I think you have a chance to at least win two games, or maybe more. Don't quit. Md Firoj Kobir WORLD CUP: GROUP D ARGENTINA 1-1 ICELAND Icelandic defense stops Argentina to steal three points. The Vikings, in their first-ever World Cup appearance, end their first game with a draw with Argentina lead by Messi. Iceland goalkeeper Hannes Halldorsson saves a penalty attempt by Messi.
But at this moment, shine the spotlight at the minnows
Aaron Arwin Hipolito Can people just stop comparing Messi vs Ronaldo just on how they performed against Iceland? How quickly have you forgotten that they also drew with Ronaldo's Portugal at the start of the Euros. I dont like them both but stop comparing them and just appreciate what Iceland have done. If it is against the normal WC teams, go on, compare them both, be my guest. But at this moment, shine the spotlight at the minnows, and how they held their ground against the football giants Vania Costa I am a Ronaldo fan but take the rivalry between Ronaldo fans and Messi fans with a pinch of salt. For those that cannot remember Portugal started their Euro 2016 with a 1-1 draw with Iceland and a sub par performance from Ronaldo. What I said then stands now, it is not how a team starts a tournament that matters. Congratulations to Iceland, their team got my attention when they almost qualified for the last world cup and been a stunning team to watch so far in the big tournaments. Aaron Arwin Hipolito The people need to widen their perspective. It's not always about those 2. There's more to football than just Messi and Ronaldo. In my opinion, both will go down as two of the G.O.A.T.s But let Iceland have this moment. Grow up and stop being just "fans" and appreciate.
Amazing defensive performance by Iceland!
Samuel Adrian Amazing defensive performance by Iceland!! As someone who take an interest in defensive plays, this is one of the best i have ever seen in a world cup match. All RESPECT to Iceland, may you advance from the group stage Friðrik Możejko Yeah, comparing Ronaldo and Messi against different teams is dumb. Iceland usually does a lot of research and tries to utilize the opponent's strength and weaknesses, because if they don't play smart then they don't have a chance. If they had been aggressive and not watched Messi that much, they could have had the ball more... but they'd most likely lose due to Messi being more open. They did the same against Portugal. Held the superstar back and didn't let him run around freely, while also utilizing the team's strengths and weaknesses. Vania Costa Friðrik Możejko I was rooting for Iceland in the Euro 16, but against France the player's were not aloud to play their usual style because 9 were a yellow card away from suspension on next match and France made the most of it. Really hope that you guys qualify from the group again. It is great to see a honest hard working team having deserved results plus the fans are probably the best. 💟The Viking clapping is amazing áfram Ísland
Was frustrating watching the missed opportunities as an Argentina
Charles Dumebi Am in love with iceland team... What a team work everybody covering for each other,,,,, a bad moment for messi he is desperately frustrated in this game... Iceland are really good in defence than argentina .... Good one for iceland for that point claimed...argentina won't believe it after so much attack and shots but nothing came through... Iceland goalkeeper did well today to save a penalty from the main man of argentina messi ,,....Ice has wall of defense...... this match just states it out that it is not those teams with star player becomes the head but those with unity grabs all the glory just like iceland players in a great unity to withstand all pressures Roberto Cortazzo Great Iceland 🇮🇸! Your team has a dream, and has got enough strenght and love for the soccer game to try everything to get it. Thank you for this lesson! What a team and...what a goalkeeper! Congratulations from Italy! Anthony Wesson Jr. Was frustrating watching the missed opportunities as an Argentina 🇦🇷 fan but Iceland 🇮🇸 played tough and had a great game plan. Joe Kimura Downie Iceland are probably the most underated team in the world right now. They have the best defence in the tournament, and Argentina has one of the best attacks, so a stalemate is a fair result for both teams! Hope Argentina play it a bit faster in the next few games tho. Sheryl Evangelista Monte Superb game!!! Congratulations to both team specially to Iceland who played so well in this game! Everyone expected Argentina to surely win, but it’s everyone’s game! Iceland gave their best and they were really admirable! Great game indeed! #fifaworldcup FIFA World CupSaikat Paul Messi can’t play with pressure especially when he play with his own country......he is good player for club football....lack of unity. I think this team can’t qualify 1st round.....Argentine players pack your baggage’s & back to your country....this world cup not for your team.....
Salinas Give Iceland the credit they deserve
Mohamed Camara thoughts on the Argentina Game: The team played really well. Passes, positions, shots, set pieces, runs everything. Just gotta score. And thats why Dybala should have played. Messi, has no excuse for missing that goal. Haters will hate, but let's not act like Iceland isnt good, they are ranked 22 in the world and they also played very defensive (parked the bus). Whenever they attacked, you saw holes open up more for messi. If this was against a team that were attacking more, we would have definitely seen more messi goals. Overall, im not disappointed Kurt Bruer Messi is a great player but he’s like Lebron James can’t win in the big games especially in World Cup soccer. Diego Maradona is without a doubt the greatest to play for Argentina Dennis Salvador Salinas Give Iceland the credit they deserve. They are hard team to play against and are a unit. Everyone is bringing up Ronaldo in the comments. Ronaldo didn't score against Iceland in their first Euro Cup in 2016... he also missed a PK in the group stages in that same Euro Cup. Margaretta Anxiety I have never taken drugs so of course not. According to me the team played well. Iceland wasn’t afraid of Argentina. The team played as equals. The defense of Iceland was perfect. And their goalkeeper was awesome. Gill Li I am a fan of Messi but I will never bully Ronaldo cause we all know they do their best. Iceland surprised the world today but Argentina is still excellent in passing and possession. That’s the point means much more than comparing isn’t it.
Make football boring as hell by parking the bus
Erid Bardhaj Sure... Make football boring as hell by parking the bus. I hope Iceland qualifies and faces Germany! And Germany does what they do best, RIP them, by at least 5 goal difference. #football #is #meant #to #be #fun Gal Dahan Iceland is continuing play bad.(even few times just crossed mid field) since last euro 16 this was complete ice bunker!!!Shame this team,that tactics destroys the entertainment or at least whats left from football, but thankfully in knockout stages they won't succeed like in France soil against France team! Friðrik Możejko Some of Iceland's national team players are Icelanders who have contracts in England or Germany Griseld Gerveni Hey Erid . What do you think, Iceland was supposed to play attacking football against a team like Argentina and concede 5 goals in their first World Cup match ever. It was a fair match, Argentina had their chances and also the penalty, Iceland played a good match with some counterattack football monents, but in general i think it was a fair result. This is only my opionin though 🙂 Erid Bardhaj Friðrik Możejko having a contract in Germany or England does not make one a good player, but even so, I am not against them. I am against boring football, which Iceland exactly played, have a look at the stats. Erid Bardhaj Griseld Gerveni o nona e anglishtes :D How is a draw fair result with one of the best national teams, with the best player in the world? You're a football fan, and definitely that game was no fun
Did Argentina underestimate Iceland?
Gal Dahan Iceland is continuing play bad.(even few times just crossed mid field) since last euro 16 this was complete ice bunker!!!Shame this team,that tactics destroys the entertainment or at least whats left from football, but thankfully in knockout stages they won't succeed like in France soil against France team! Smita Kadam It's a draw ... iceland nailed it,amazing defense..i watched some excellent goalkeeping today one by Iceland nd other is Australia.. just wait 2 more matches to go 😉 Narayanan Apparasan Yeah... it’s a tough day.. sometimes in spite of your hard work the Lady Luck may not be with you... Good luck for your next match Argies... well played Iceland. #Russia2008 #WorldCup2008 Mathieu Thomas Forget yesterday 3-3 game. This for me has been the best game so far. Lol Messi. Get in Iceland 😁 great performance and defence Trần Hữu Lộc Disappointed for Argentina, disappointed for Messi, but the opportunity is still ahead, good luck the next match Maeve Jae Iceland really came prepared for Argentina today. Did Argentina underestimate Iceland?🤷🏾 or how do you prepare to face a team you have never faced?🤔 poor Messi, the pressure on him was enormous. I am quite impressed with Iceland and look forward to wa...See more Waqar Khan Whole Iceland team was in defence, impossible to make space for the goal. Even the Brazil had played same as Argentina. Iceland did goal and they got signal from manager to just defend and get recognition, they did exactly. If Iceland players were attacking, 99% Messi and company has scored 3 more goal.
Did Ronaldo miss a penalty like Messi?
Lusindiso Elijah Sofuthe Did Ronaldo miss a penalty like Messi? Aren't you the same people who were saying he depends on penalties...well let Messi stop missing penalties so that you can start comparing him with Ronaldo Messi- Misses a Penalty,Misses around 3 Free kicks Ronaldo - Scores a brilliant penalty, gets 1 Free kick and scores a top corner that too against SPAIN! And you say Messi is better... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Libin Krishn Agarwal Tendulkar scored 0 in 2 matches but Dilshan scored 100 and u say Dilshan is better than Sachin Tendulkar in the world Krishn Agarwal Libin Sorry Bro I don't watch cricket! I don't even have an idea of what you are saying Ayfer Ray Argentina had great team coordination and remained in control of the ball, but missed so many shots -- Iceland's goalie did good, but of course, we expected more from Messi. OK game, but nothing memorable. Shameem Yousuf I thought it was Messi who is the best footballer of the world, but he is no where near Ronaldo. Another retirement drama loading 😂😂😂 فرهاد المغربي I was really impressed by how well Iceland defended against Messi the entire game, and of course the goalie defending the penalty shot. For such a small population, they field a mighty team. Really looking forward to seeing what they do in the future. They’re going to absolutely annihlate Nigeria.
Lionel Messi attempted 11 shots for Argentina vs Iceland
Tarun Joshi Lionel Messi attempted 11 shots for Argentina vs Iceland (the most he’s ever attempted in a World Cup game), but he still didn’t manage to score a goal. Frustration. Uchelozzy Fynesty Woooow, am flabbergasted by this result, C'mon Argentinaaaaaa.....Good one guys @Iceland!!! Super Eagles of Nigeria, C'mon here is your chance to shock the world...#Russia2018 Nana Andy Nkrumah Iceland should work on their attacking machinery, you cant defend all the time, you must go on the offensive as well, they must make sure one or two of their attackers are behind and after the center line, Didier Drobga score emergency goals because of this approach, if your defense is good you must always get one or two of your guys around the center no matter how the pressure is, ICELAND must work on it. Gabby Brum Messi and the whole Argentinian team did great. They played the whole game on the Icelandic side, and had dominion of the ball most of the time. The Icelandic team had to play defensive the whole game because all they wanted was to protect themselves against a second gol. Well done Argentina 🇦🇷!♥️ Uyên Lâm What a great game of Iceland. They competed against a very strong team but their plan went so right and smoothly. I'm about to love Iceland! Amit Nigam Good performance by a country of population .35 million. Such a talent. Fantastic fight and determination resulted a draw. Well done Iceland.
Didn't expect that from Iceland
Alan Fong Choun Leong Once again FOOTBALL is a team work game.whatever cr7 or lm10.both of them can't play alone they also need support from their whole team.honestly cr7 he had bit lucky last nite the penalty n the second goal.the Spain goalkeeper can't hold the ball . Nikola Markovic Messi miserable can clean shoes for C.Ronaldo mentioning coz he think he is better teammate and player and for Iceland 🇮🇸 real Vikings 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Siyabonga Muntukadukiswa Gumbi Iceland shows when you are confident there is no greater person than you! I remember the Chelsea vs Barca Champions League match, great defending! But Iceland proved they are not here by mistake. Ñsõrō Jr Kåts U guys stop saying those excuse comments dat Ronaldo is far beta dan messi...! Simply because he scored hat trick last nite... And u forgot to remember dat messi did it in World cup qualifiers against Ecuador . Abid Jan Great Iceland 🇮🇸! Your team has a dream, and has got enough strenght and love for the soccer game to try everything to get it. Thank you for this lesson! What a team and...what a goalkeeper! Paul R Soto What a match. Didn't expect that from Iceland. They did their homework. Great job Iceland and thank you for a great match. Thulani Love Dlame I wonder how you all compare CR7 and Messi....Do you compare their skill or their achievements?...coz every game they both perform differently...tell me guys if Argentina wins this world cup would you say messi is the best player than Ronaldo just because Argentina won the world cup?...Argentina plays greater football compare to portugal. what is not fair is that CR7 is the only one who fights for the team...the team is not capable of reaching the finals which is not fair on Ronaldo. so tell me what exactly makes a great player?...For me you can't compare the two players they are just the best you will ever see...Messi is a soccer megician when at least expected and CR7 is a machine which is unstoppable.
totally dependent of Messi and so bad quarterbacks. Congratulations, Iceland!
Elisabeth Devinci L P Cr7 the best 😂 messi looks tired... the coach should change him when they have time but he don't do that. Barcelona should win from Iceland. 😑 great Job Iceland👏 Anil Pintu Tough luck for messi....but great players can overcome these few games will tell what is messi made of... Iceland defence is rock solid... Prithviraj Saha for the first time in 2018 world cup, each time that player had the ball, their are already two tackling him & two more trying to circle him....reveals the world wide fear of this god! 🇧🇷🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆_ 2018🏆👋😉🇧🇷 Ashutosh Srivastava Disappointing performance & poor result for Argentina - A woeful penalty by TeamMessi - I don’t understand why Dybala wasn’t used & Higuain only a late sub. Nando Biscardi Argentina is a joke! totally dependent of Messi and so bad quarterbacks. Congratulations, Iceland! From Brazil Heraeus Trous iceland's team come to russia to play rugby!!! I am just thinkin what will be the game if iceland will play with iran? maybe we will see coaches and referees playing with theme too. Magda Alicja Kowal Just because Ronaldo had an awesome first game doesn’t mean Messi will play like that. Ronaldo might play bad in the second game and Messi will play great in the second game too. They don’t have to play the same.
Cristiano Ronaldo trusts himself, gets the job done
Juliana Forbes Charles Cristiano Ronaldo trusts himself, gets the job done... Messi trusts his team... well 🙄... On another note amazing brave Iceland and what a fantastic shape the keeper was today... a lot of people mentioning they should have tried to attack more considering Argentina's poor defense, however I believe as a team they understood their limitations and got a great result, well done Vikings! আবু হানিফ Football rules should be corrected Its a game then why one team full times defend they should also go for attack. Today we have seen the one way game.. In my life I have seen a lot of one way game so FIFA should think about this to correct their football rules.. Anothers thing one players but defended by 6/7 players at a time... What a drama!!! I hate this types of one way Game!!! After all Argentina lucks was so bad today, hope we will come back soon... Thun Shao Qian did anyone notice messi is actually the problem for argentina. every time argentina gt the ball, they pass to messi without looking whether there is other player with a better position to score. and messi is surrounded by 4 or 5 others player every time he gt the ball. Istvan Zuh I dislike messi and ronaldo but these people on here debating who's better have no idea. Clearly just fans and have no football logic. Two different players two different matches. Massive respect to all underdogs in this competition. Jason Granados Y’all complaining that Messi isn’t good anymore and Ronaldo is the goat. 1) It’s game one of the group stages. Even Iran has more points than Portugal and Spain at the moment. 2) Iceland is a quiet sleeper team that no one new about, Argentina had to learn how to play against a brand new team. 3) Ronaldo only scored for Portugal, what’s gonna happen if he doesn’t? They rely too much on him whereas Argentina has other scorers than Messi. Smita Kadam It's a draw ... iceland nailed it,amazing defense..i watched some excellent goalkeeping today one by Iceland nd other is Australia.. just wait 2 more matches to go 😉 Narayanan Apparasan Yeah... it’s a tough day.. sometimes in spite of your hard work the Lady Luck may not be with you... Good luck for your next match Argies... well played Iceland. #Russia2008 #WorldCup2008
Why Argentina was so disappointed?!
Jardel Siqueira Defeat taste for Argentina, and taste of victory for Iceland, which is to be congratulated for surprising once again. The World Cup is a fantastic event indeed. Karo Kj Why Argentina was so disappointed?! Iceland has this amazing positive spirit and it definitely will help them to be successful 🤩 Nazeer Qiami It was really a good game so far than any matches played and Iceland had good defender's well good luck next game Argentina team Marvin Cooper Great job Iceland! We got to see the team last year in Paris for the Euro game against Austria and again in Nice against England. Love the Iceland fans and seeing the team succeed. And what a job by the keeper today!!! Biswajit Jena Iceland's total population is 3.5 lakhs. 6 years before Iceland's world ranking was 133. Now it's 22 and they finished in 1-1 in a World Cup match against one of the strongest teams of the world Argentina. This is what called INSPIRATION 🙏 Jim Hart A lot of trash talk against Iceland here... pretty shocking that some very uneducated people think that Iceland is a pushover team. They won their group in qualifying, when they had tough nations to compete against, Croatia / Turkey / Ukraine / Finland...See more Neeraj Pradeep Iceland defended well.. Argentina had good possession.. Argentina missed a lot of chances.. Especially #Messi's Penalty.. Kire Kevi Kire Today match against iceland defenders 11 players and no midfielders and no strikers and they play only defensive and Argentina attacking was awesome but unfortunate goalless..
If only Ronaldo was an Argentine, the match would have been 2-1
Leon Corriea Legends are known for their capabilities to bounce back after failures .. To rise when they fall. He will bounce back and rise amongst all odds. One off day cannot undermine the greatness of #L10Messi .. All the greats have missed chances in their illustrious careers at some point and in crunch situations including the legendary #CR7 . #LiveItUp Leo Messi Edward Tan Shame on messi.. from now on plz stop compare messi n ronaldo, clearly messi is over.. u cant keep miss ur penalty.. what a shame.. Imam Faruk We have suggested that FIFA should include the names of the countries under the flags for correct information to reach all as not all people know the flags of all the countries takang part in the tournament. Daniel Ferguson Okwii at least my man Rojo played a role in both Argentina s goal and Iceland s Goal. weeew wew wew. Ronaldo is the GOAT. I Used to think that it's Messi Steven Jovanovski What a result for the smallest nation they worked there socks off and what a game is was to watch Hallorsson had a hec of a game between the sticks Bahman Bahman Messi should not kick penalties, why he stands on all penalties and free kicks?? isn't there any other player?? has he contracted to take all penalty and free kick shoots?? what is this?? why ?? Akuma Ikechukwu This DRAW is quite painful...If only Ronaldo was an Argentine, the match would have been 2-1...that penalty was cheap Christopher Obiuwou Heroes show their true colours but Messi failed Argentina and his fans,messi can never be like Marandona. Cindy Dupree Adkison Wow. That was stressful. I'll be shocked if any other 2 teams will be able to top the excitement of this match today!

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