Why Choose us

Selection of sports prediction partners

We do not predict. We select a part of professional typists that have a good rating and we pay for good predict.

We buy prediction from premium tipsters

We buy prediction from premium tipsters and sell them cheaply to a large audience. Our statistics depend on the number of hits of our partners. From our statistics we see that so far we make a good choice of typists.

We are a small resell firm

We are a small resell firm and we do not have a betting relationship. What they will offer professional typists we buy it and here we resell it cheaper.

Donate €5 with "Lucky Button" through PayPal

It may be unusual, but we have "Lucky Button". Sometimes we could lose a certain amount and we need financial support to continue paying the professional typists. But fortunately we do good service well and buyers trust us. Some think when they get a larger amount of money "Lucky Button" has brought them happiness. That's why the button has grown in "Lucky Button" that brings luck.

Our statistic

Under & Over 90%
Combo 70%
Single 80%
GG & NG 75%
Take a look..

at the history of our prediction and decide for some matches. We never 100% guarantee for the profits.Take our predictions by carefully betting. If you like to invest more, then decide on our predictions with few matches and small quotas or combo ticket with combination or system.

We are a small team ..

that monitors the statistics of the played matches and most betting games on bookies. We also follow the tipsters who which have good results in different sports competitions. We choose together combo bet ticket and the responsibility for success or failure we carry together.

We do not offer ..

big quotas and we do not looking for huge fees for just one match. In many combo tickets we offer 3-4 matches, are quotas from 3.5 to 7. Try to always invest responsibly , without big risk and big losses. Profits always come when you are patient,persistent and careful in betting.

Do not need registration..

You do not have to claim your e-mail address,or other your data. Just pay a small fee of € 10 per ticket ( or € 25-50-100 for long term package. ) through Pay Pal and predicting will send on e-mail or we will show you a link on our website where the information will be uploaded.

Send us a message combobets365@gmail.com