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Didn't think Germany could go out already in the group
Didn't think Germany could go out already in the group stage but Sweden well deserved to be 1-0 up so far with a brilliant Toiovnennnn lob 🔥, for Germany of course need to step up big time plus probably regretting leaving Sane as he would of been a player to put on now lol but looks like Low messed up and for Sweden more of the same This is what modern football has become. The world champion can be beaten. With heart, discipline and preserverance. Germany faces her biggest challenge.
1998: France win the World Cup 2002:
1998: France win the World Cup 2002: France eliminated in group stages 2006: Italy win the World Cup. 2010: Italy eliminated in group stages. 2010: Spain win the World Cup. 2014: Spain eliminated in group stages 2014: Germany win the World Cup 2018: Should we tell Germany? Who else can see the bad defense Germany has set up? Multiple screw ups on their end , same thing in last match and you all want to continue blaming Özil and Khedira. No defense, leaving Neuer basically alone. What the heck with this team .
1st half and Germany are already shaking
1st half and Germany are already shaking, Where the hell is Ozil and Toni Kross how dare you do such a mistake, Well I wish you guys luck and thank You Sweden for the entertainment! #IrepteamNigeria! U will never see a team hold a ball n get into the box but Germany is trying that.They should cross the ball when it arrives at wings n convert those chances finish N Klaar Germany 🇩🇪 on verge of their way back to home. Such a shameful moment for World Champions. They didn't perform like Champions
#VAR Did the var technique work
#VAR Did the var technique work Only for the European teams . Portugal 🇵🇹 did not deserve the win, same as Morocco 🇲🇦 doesn’t deserve the defeatt. We respected the World Cup because the referee was supervised by fifa But today we have confirmed that there is no credibility When the referee refuses to watch television to admit the mistake or not, I know that Portugal is officially supported by FIFA #Russia2018_FIFA_are_the_ones_who_decide_who_wins #Russia2018_World_Cup_without_credibility #Russia2018_The_farce_of_arbitration_
Germans playing with only 2 defensive player
Germans playing with only 2 defensive player and the rest are all can they win this match...germans were known for good header until ballack and schiewnstiger was there....i am really missing those players even lahm was also on that list IN THE FOOTBALL SKILLS AND THE SPEED OF THE GAME GERMANS ARE FAR BETTER THAN OTHERS BUT THEY DON'T HAVE THE STRIKER LIKE MIROSLUV KLOSE AND THE ATTACKING MIDFIELDER LIKE MICHAEL BALLACK.. FOR THIS REASON GERMANS ARE SUFFERING IN THIS WORLD CUP 2018 Nasim Akhter
spirit for german
spirit for german I Always Support You Though You Win Or Lose It Is Ordinary In The Important Match You Have Been Shedding Your Sacrifice 💙 Essentially You As A Team Should Support Each Other And Complement Each Other 😊 Good luck God Will Be Always You Not surprising at all. It was expected that Sweden will be playing defensively and Germany will be desperate again and again.Now Sweden ahead by one goal and they are going to make Wall of china im second half. Come On SWEDEN
Draxler keeps on getting fouls
Germany is trying really hard to ruin my perfect prediction streak 😩. Congratulations to Sweden for playing very well so far, but come on champions - pick it up Draxler keeps on getting fouls inside the Sweden box and Werner chokes in front of the goal Germany seriously need new players like Leroy sane and Leon goretzka I just notice one thing who booz before national anthem , these will loose the game, (Argentina booz before Croatian anthem, they are loose game, Serbia booz Switzerland they are also loose, and now German fans boooz Sweden, now urs turn Germany). Little bit crazy analysis but it's getting worked.
Crazy and unbelievable to think germany,
Crazy and unbelievable to think germany, last winners who demolished Brazil 7-1 in last WC could be on ✈ home soon way it stands. Lot's changed in last 4 year's or what eh Am I the only one who predicted Germany will not do well this time as supposed to this kiddish fans ?? They are really hyped this time In 2010 Spain 🇪🇸 won the World Cup and in 2014 they were knocked out in group stage and Germany 🇩🇪 won the World Cup in 2014.......... let it not be what am thinking sha
hopefully Germany can change the result
James James hopefully Germany can change the result in the second half but with this tactics even Russia would beat them with zone defence and counter attacks We just can’t have Germany going out in the groups. The last time that happened was in the 1938 World Cup, to say they took it badly is an understatement.we all know what happened a year later No way . . The trend will change . Germany will break this . No matter they will win finals . But tleast they may be runner. Here is the 1st goal. Yesssss 48th min
Brazilians rather face Germany than Mexico
Brazilians rather face Germany than Mexico 😅 Maybe it's better to face Germany than Sweeden too because Sweeden plays on defense and that sucks I don't know a ton about soccer so maybe someone can help me out. It's 3 points for a W and 1 for a draw? If so, how could Sweden have had 4 points after 1 match?? The #First exciting great game of this boring world cup.. #RobinOlsen(GK) should be a man of the match.. Great Great Match Well Played Germany do or die for them and they Done it.. Kroooooos Unstoppable kic

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